Do I have to provide written feedback?

Concerned that your writing style is a give-away? We've a solution for you.

You don't mind providing Leaders with a rating, but you might be concerned that your writing style is a dead giveaway. You might also be worried that your comments themselves will reveal you. 

Protecting Your Anonymity

The Leader Experience feedback platform is designed to protect your identity through the use of a likert scale rating. If you are asked for additional feedback in the written format and are worried your identity will be revealed, please use short generic phrases, such as: “presentation was too fast” “did not understand message clearly” “meeting was conducted in a timely manner." 

Additionally, written feedback is captured in the SBI format (situation, behavior, impact). This standardized approach teaches Influencers how to minimize extraneous details.

qChange Leader Experience bot tip

Type "Stop" in the bot to remove yourself as an Influencer.