How do I get written feedback?

Take these steps to get written (qualitative) feedback from Influencers

Qualitative feedback is incredibly useful in accelerating your growth as a Leader. How else will you know your specific impact on others?

Here's what needed to get written feedback in qChange.

  1. a minimum of three (3) influencers have provided ratings for a specific nudged meeting
  2. you, as a Leader, have completed the self-assessment for that nudged meeting
  3. you have received a Perception Gap card. 

In the Perception Gap card, select "Request written feedback". qChange will then send structured feedback requests to those influencers that provided the initial ratings.

Written feedback, when completed, will be aggregated and shared with you. All Influencer responses will be anonymous.

qChange Leader Experience bot tip

Type "Feedback" in the bot to modify Influencers in qChange.